BURMA DAY 2 Yangon-Bago-Kyaiktiyo (GOLDEN ROCK PAGODA)

Two days of history and nature on this tour that touches the very important places of Burma Bago, historic city founded in 500 AD and then Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, the famous rock covered with gold leaves, hovering over a Buddha’s hair, which It dominates the valley.




From Yangon — FIRST DAY


HOURS 7:30

They will pass to take us from our hotel in the early morning and will travel up to Bago, about two hours’ drive north-east of Yangon.

Along the road, just outside Yangon, we will stop at Htaut kyant, a cemetery where some 27,000 soldiers who died during World War II.

Then we will pass to Kyaik Pun Pagoda, where we will see the four statues of Buddha 29 meters high seats to form a cross.




Afterwards we will stop at the Monastery of Kakyat Wie where there are about 300 monks.

Lunch at local restaurant. In the afternoon we will arrive at the base camp of Kinpun.

Upon our arrival we will take an open truck to go to the summit, it takes about 45 minutes and is also fun, the narrow road climbs up the mountain and drivers take turns to carry on the many local pilgrims (private trucks are available at an additional cost – please ask your guide to arrange).

Pagoda Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) is a small stupa high just over 7 meters built on top of a granite boulder covered with several layers of gold leaf attacked by devotees.

According to legend, the rock would be in perfect balance over to a Buddha’s hair. The rock, the pagoda and all structures built around it are on the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo, and it is said that it is enough to visit this place to convert to Buddhism.

Despite the slight earthquakes and weather this rock is not ever move, indeed, it is said that those who try to move it will be awakened in a monkey’s body.




-Dinner In a restaurant or hotel

– Hotel accommodation for the night



Upon waking we can decide what to do, we can go to the Golden Rock to see the sunrise, very atmospheric, and then have breakfast and go back down to base camp Kinpun to resume the private minivan.


golden rock pagoda3


You return to Bath to visit the Shwemawdaw Pagoda – high 114 meters and ‘the highest pagoda in Myanmar.


La pagoda di Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) e Bago


We will see the Palace Kanbawzathadi, the original palace was built by King Kanbawzathadi Bayint Naung in 1551 and was the royal splendor of what was once the center of the largest empire in Indochina. During the battle between the king of Rakhine and the king of Toungoo, the palace went destroyed by fire. During the excavation of the building site, the brick foundations of the ancient buildings have been found, teak pillars and ancient Buddha images and artifacts. The palace was rebuilt according to the traditional architecture of the Burmese Han Thar-waddy period, 16th century.


palace Kanbawzathadi


After you will see another pearl Shwethalyaung Buddha, is a reclining Buddha, it has a length of 55 meters and a height of 16 meters, is believed to have been built in 994, during the reign of King Mon Migadepa.

It was lost in 1757, when it was sacked Pegu (Bago).

During the British colonial rule in 1880, the Shwethalyaung Buddha was rediscovered under a jungle green cover … the restoration began in 1881, and the Buddha’s mosaic pillows (left side) were added in 1930.

Then you continue on to the busy Yangon for the return from the trip.


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